Governance Structure




Mr. P Silinga

Employees or students of the University


Mr. J Evertse

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal  Prof D Swartz
Deputy Vice-Chancellor  Dr ME Tom  
Chief Finance Officer   Mr. CS Ramoo
Elected to Council by the Senate   Prof J Hendricks (October 2010)
  Prof G Bartlett (October 2010)
Elected to Council by the SRC Mr. M Pikini (November 2006)
  Mr. T Poti (November 2006)
Elected by academic employees Vacancy (June 2011)
Elected by non-academic employees Mr GV James (June 2011)
Elected by the Institutional Forum Mr S Kobese
  Mr L Bara  
University Registrar and Secretary of Council Dr N Mrwetyana
Persons who are neither employees nor students of the University
Appointed by the Minister Dr P Lolwana (October 2010)  
  Mr JF Evertse (October 2010)  
  Mr. P Silinga  (October 2010)  
  Dr TND Sidzumo-Mazibuko  (October 2010)  
  Mr. V Harry (October 2010)
Designated by the Fort Hare Foundation Mr. AW Mjekula (October 2010)
Appointed by Council Mr. G Sam (March 2011)
  Mr. S Somyo (March 2011)
  Ms NP Maqubela (March 2011)   
Designated by the Alice Transitional Local Council (Nkonkobe Municipality)  Mr. A Ntsangani (October 2010)
Designated by the Buffalo City Municipality Mr J Badenhorst (October 2010)
Appointed by the Provincial Government Ms N Sishuba (October 2010)
  Mr. E Fray (October 2010) 
Elected by the Convocation   Prof LD Jafta (October 2010)    
Co-opted by the Council for specified short periods for specific purposes  Vacant