University of Fort Hare Campuses

Alice Campus- (main campus)
The main campus of the University of Fort Hare is situated in the fertile Tyhume valley, some 120 km due west of the city of East London.  It lies adjacent to the town of Alice, the capital of the new Nkonkobe Municipality.  The University and Alice are served by road and rail links.  Alice is a small town in a rural setting, lying within the former Ciskei.  Nearest population centres are Fort Beaufort (20km), Hogsback (30 km), Middledrift (20 km), Dimbaza (40 km) and King William's Town / Bhisho (60 km).  The University has two satellite campuses: one located in Bhisho (Bhisho Campus) and one some 5 km north of Bhisho (All Saints Campus), whilst the East London campus, roughly 60 km further east, is situated in the city centre of East London, between Fleet Street and the harbour.
Bhisho Campus
Bhisho campus is equidistant between East London and Alice. It is located in the seat of the provincial government, and it has developed a reputation in public service related courses. It is a modern campus focusing on part time and distance courses including the innovative public service development. Strength is also present in courses in public administration and finance, and the well-rated Fort Hare Institute of Government (FHIG).

The Bhisho campus is also home to two major Fort Hare training projects, the Public Financial Services Agency (PFSA) providing a five year R100 million training programme in financial management and administration, and the Transversal Training Programme, providing a five year R60 million training programme in public administration and management. Both projects focus on provincial government staff and are closely linked to the public administration and finance courses provided on campus.

East London Campus
Our East London is based in the largest non-metropolitan city in South Africa, with a diverse mix of students and the urban facilities that make it easier to attract best students and staff.

The East London campus has a well established academic base in the four faculties of humanities and Social Sciences, Management and commerce, education and law, with academic excellence in the highly rated primary education degree, diploma and certificate, a strong reputation in commerce, research capacity in the Institute for Fort Hare Social and Economic Research (FHISER) and the Johnson and Johnson Leadership Institute providing management development courses

This campus also offers a considerable number of short courses designed to meet local needs.  Many students are part time and distance.