Academic Development

The Learning Advancement Unit: 'Your partner in learning'

As a student at the University of Fort Hare you have access to wide-ranging, comprehensive learning support services. We aim at helping you achieve academic success and therefore have specially trained facilitators available to work with you every step of the way. Our services are free, voluntary, confidential and open to all Fort Hare students. Registering with Fort Hare will therefore give you access to all the programs listed below:    

  1. Placement & Access testing (PAT): Fort Hare students are our number one priority. In order to provide support programs that would add value to you and to make decisions that are in your best interest, we require accurate information about you and your learning needs. We want to help you make the right decisions for your future. Your test results and school marks will be used for admissions and placement purposes so that we can help you make the best possible career choices! This information enables us to provide the right kind of learning support for each individual student.
  • Supplemental Instruction Program (SI):  SI is a program especially designed for traditionally difficult or high-risk courses. It supports formal in-class courses and never replaces lectures or tutorials. SI sessions are led by specially recruited and trained facilitators. These are students who have successfully completed the same course, very often under similar conditions to the students with whom they work in SI sessions. They are friends, not evaluators. Leaders attend class along with students in order to take notes and keep up with discussions and readings. Weekly SI sessions offer students a variety of opportunities to go over difficult course material and receive personal attention.

If SI is offered for your course(s), you are welcome to attend SI sessions. No application is necessary. This is a free service to Fort Hare students and in no way influences the evaluation of any student. Attendance of SI has been linked positively to high success rates. The more sessions you attend, the greater your chances of success!

  1. Language & Writing Advancement (LWA): If you need support with language and writing this program is the answer for you. We offer personal, one-on-one assistance in a friendly, impartial atmosphere. We welcome students in any course and with any type of writing assignment.  Our trained Language & Writing Consultants will work with you to generate topics, organize ideas, develop thesis statements and revise drafts. Although we will not correct spelling and grammar errors for you, we will help you identify and correct them yourself.
  1. Academic Orientation for new first year students: All new first year students at Fort Hare have the opportunity to be part of a comprehensive academic orientation program to support them with effective learning and achieving academic success at University. Topics covered include the difference between school and university, preparing for and organizing your studies, factors that influence your ability to learn and effective learning methods. You will get to know our staff and will receive a comprehensive overview of academic assistance programs running throughout the year.
  1. Peer Assisted Student Services (PASS): this program gives you the opportunity to consult learning facilitators on a wide variety of academic topics. At Fort Hare you are never alone! Our facilitators are specially recruited and trained senior students who have faced the challenges you will be facing. They are therefore in a unique position to provide you with the best possible assistance. Services offered through PASS include academic consultations (you can make appointments to see facilitators), group consultations, study groups and an on-the-spot service for walk-in students. These services are offered in specially-equipped PASS venues on the Alice and East London campuses.   

Writing Lab (Writing Centre): our multi-purpose PASS venues include computer facilities that are at your disposal. Our trained peer facilitators are on duty in order to assist you with internet research, basic computer literacy and drafting academic assignments. Students are encouraged to collaborate with our consultants throughout the writing process (planning, research, drafting & final submission).