National Heritage Centre

The National Heritage and Cultural Studies Centre (NAHECS) was established in 1981 on the basis of the former Xhosa Literature Centre, attached to the then Faculty of Arts. The objective of the centre was to accumulate, document and preserve oral and written literary material pertinent to the Xhosa Language with the purpose of making it accessible to various researchers and the public. In 1991 the Centre's name was changed to the Centre for Cultural Studies (CCS). This name change brought new objectives, namely to promote the knowledge and understanding of material and human resources pertinent to heritage and culture in South African through the collection, preservation, study, exposition, enrichment and advancement of material evidence.

In 1998, Council approved a second change of name to the National Heritage and Cultural Studies Centre (NAHECS). NAHECS thus became a broad-based heritage institution which focuses on archival, museum, academic and heritage transformation, as well as developing research unit. In the same year its significant museum collections were unanimously declared a 'national cultural treasure' by Parliament. NAHECS has thus assumed the objective in its profile and commitment of becoming a significant player in the transformation of the South African heritage and cultural landscape.


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