Leadership show responsibilty by volunteering to test publicly


The Fort Hare Wellness Expo which began on Monday 13 September 2010, in Alice marks the launch of HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) over all three campuses as a way of taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle amongst students and staff. Professor Rob Midgley, the Deputy Vice Chancellor took a public HIV test at Sports Complex Fort Hare at the Launch of HCT on the 14th of September. As a way of raising awareness amongst students, seven SRC members from East London campus have volunteered to test publicly during the launch of HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) at the East London Campus, on Thursday, 16th September 2010.

"We hope this will encourage other students in such positions to encourage the rest of the student body to test as it is important for all of us to know our status. Seven SRC members in East London have volunteered", said one SRC member.  Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) is proven to be one of the most powerful weapons in halting the spread of HIV/AIDS. Knowing one's HIV status and being able to discuss this anxiety-provoking subject with a trained professional induces sustainable, positive behavior change in both infected and affected persons.

People who test negative for HIV and undergo quality risk reduction counseling are more likely to change their behavior and to maintain their negative status, and those who test positive and receive counseling are motivated to protect themselves and others from HIV infection, and to seek medical, social and psychological support.