The Vice Chancellor & Mzamomhle Students Get An Early Christmas Present

The university Vice Chancellor, Dr Mvuyo Tom bought and not expecting anything in return, 39 tickets for raffle to help kids from uMzamomhle Day care centre, a school dealing with special needs. The Alice Day Care Center volunteer students presented Dr Tom with a hand-made Teddy Bear (second prize) that he won from the Mzamomhle Fundraising project. The first prize went to Ms Nomzamo Mxotwa, a staff member from the bursary offices, while the 3rd prize went to Zuko Njovana a student from the Communications Department.


In total, the students reigning from all faculties, raised R3,565 to buy Christmas presents for the 69 children which were given to them at their Xmas  party, last Wednesday. This is just one of the many ways in which the students assists these children, ranging from the weekly visits, the visit to the Hogsback Christmas in July and the many extramural activities the volunteers assist the school with.

The Criminology department driven project with 18 students, Coordinated by Mr. Mike Earle-Taylor and managed by a student from Social Work, Rose Kgalalelo Molefi, is aimed at assisting Mr Phumlo Gqomfa (Principal of Mzamomhle) to improve the lives of disabled children. The project teaches students to ploughback. This is very much in line with the current university drive to engage its alumni in assisting the university and the different communities.  This also carries rewards for the volunteering student as they get experience, emotional healing, finding self-worth nomatter how humble the background, and ofcourse they get certificates at the end of the year's hardwork.

Dr Tom declared that the teddy bear should be dressed in university colors and will carry it to alumni events and during the varsity shield tournament to be played in January at the main Campus, Alice.

This, said Mike is the begging of so many to come on each and every academic year. The success of this project should be attributed to commitment by students who on voluntary basis gave all to impact on somebody else's life.

"The moment you give out to someone, your soul gets satisfaction as this is about doing something for some one..... May you be abundantly blessed "concluded the Vice Chancellor.