Fort Hare at the forefront!


Interest in LKA-GP is growing! Before and since 2008 the interest in the LKA-GP has taken a sharp upward turn. It was mentioned in the institutional review and the Soudien Report on the Transformation of Higher Education. The Ministry of Higher Education and Training consistently expresses support for this initiative and a national momentum around such programmes is taking shape. Closer to home, the number of academics interested in the programme is steadily growing so is the number of external associates.

Presentations: In 2009 and 2010 the LKA-GP was presented at Harvard, Charleston, the Vaal University of Technology, The Durban University of Technology, The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the University of the Free State, Walter Sisulu University, the University of Kwazulu-Natal and the University of Pretoria. In addition we had visits from the Universities of Cape Town and Pretoria and are in discussions with the Universities of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch.

National Discussion: We plan to convene a national discussion on LKA-GP type of initiatives in Alice in 2011. The aim of this engagement is to share experiences and develop guidelines for the conceptualization and implementation of Undergraduate Core Curricula. Locating ourselves nationally and internationally: The LKA-GP represents the University's compulsory undergraduate core curriculum (UCC). Though the LKA-GP is unique, internationally and regionally the phenomenon of UCC's is not new. A wide range of international and regional literature is available on this subject. Using these and our own research data, we are positioning ourselves strategically in relation to the intellectual project underpinning the LKA-GP.

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