Residence Life

Living on campus places you at the centre of the University community, ready for both academic and co-curricular activities.  This enables you to be part of a vital living and Learning Community and will enable you to make friendships that will last for years.  Informal education in the enrichment of personality, pursuit of opportunities for companionship with people, and democratic community living, are essential aspects of total university experience. Residences, as educational laboratories, are places for teaching responsible citizenship and for developing personal and social values. The staff are committed to helping students fulfil diverse needs and in the process development, responsibility, and accountability are promoted.

There are 33 residence halls in Alice, some of which are clusters.  While each residence is unique, each supports excellence.  Staff and student leaders live and work in each area, co-ordinating services and programmes that produces contented individuals.  The office of the Residence Manager is located in the administration building. 


 Hostel Students

All students wishing to register for hostel accommodation must present the necessary Residence Registration Form to the Residence officials and registered accordingly. The Student Identity Card will reflect all hostel particulars for access control purposes.

Hostel Deposit

An amount of R600.00 must be deposited into the institutions bank account by no later than the 31st December 2010. (Please refer to 2.1.5 above for details)

Oppidan Students   

 It is important for all oppidan (day) students to register as such, so that their Student Identity Card can be endorsed accordingly, for access control purposes into the various campus venues.