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Writing for publication one-day workshops - University of Limpopo

Posted by mles (not verified) on Fri, 07/13/2012 - 11:03

We recently had the privilege of visiting the University of Limpopo to facilitate a series of five one-day writing workshops. It was tremendously enjoyable and a great experience to work with colleagues from Limpopo. The papers covered a wide range of disciplines and there was a real feeling of collegiality as colleagues worked together on each other’s papers to help construct writing of a high standard. A big thank you to all the staff who assisted us and good luck with the writing.


Organization Development at Crabbush School

Posted by mles (not verified) on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 11:07

Our OD at Crabbush Primary School here in Hogsback continues with assistance coming from all directions. The Hogsback community has been very generous in donating learning materials and offering to assist as extra staff members, helping specially with language tuition. Cashbuild have donated R 10 000 of hardware materials to the school as part of a competition and the learners paintings, which were entered, stand a chance of winning even more. It was a great surprise recently when we heard that My Life (NGO) had donated a cake to the school as part the Oprah magazine’s celebrations. The children returned to school during the holidays to join in the celebrations. In additions to this My Life and HeArtspace have offered training in food gardening for the school and staff. Thank you and look out for Crabbush in the next issue of O magazine! Plans have been drawn up to improve the toilets and we have been offered assistance with the overall upgrading of the project by Rance Timbers. In addition we have put in an application to The Anglo American Chairman’s Fund for assistance.

Hunterstoun Developments.

Posted by mles (not verified) on Mon, 07/23/2012 - 11:11

Things are now really moving on the further development of the Hunterstoun Centre. The architects have been engaged and have already visited the site a number of times. They have been canvassing ideas and will be taking part in two major meetings with the Fort Hare community in both East London and Alice to attempt to get a sense of what type of development the community would like to take place at the Centre in Hogsback. 


Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung/ University of Fort Hare Autumn School on Democracy and Political Economy

Posted by mles (not verified) on Fri, 10/19/2012 - 09:29

The specific objectives of the Autumn School were to develop young leaders who would later contribute to the political, economic and social debates of this country. There is a leadership vacuum in South Africa and it needs to be filled and therefore this exercise would help with filling this vacuum for leaders. We need young leaders who will be able to help monitor the relevant actors in politics and government.

The following topics were discussed:

  • A glance into the Past- History of South Africa
  • The South African Constitution-A redress of the Past
  • The socio-economic dimensions of the South African constitution
  • Social Democratic Core Values: Freedom, Justice and Solidarity
  • Liberal, Social Democratic and Socialist perceptions of the market and state
  • How far shall the State intervene in the South African Economy?
  • A Brief History of Economics :From Marshall, Via Marx to Keynes and Beyond
  • Growth and Poverty Reduction: Labour Markets, human Capital and Social Protection Considerations
  • How should South Africa’s Economy be transformed?
  • Welfare state and Social Democracy
  • The Welfare State in operation


The project contributed significantly to the project aim in the sense that a platform was provided for the students to discuss the various topics on the programme. The relevance of this lies not only in the provision of a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, but also that it provided an important forum for the students to discuss the various topics which some might not get to discuss in their diverse fields of study.


Politics requires a clear sense of direction and only those who are able to state their goals clearly will achieve them and inspire others. Politics was discussed from different angles and forced the students to think out of the box and to really think why certain decisions are made and why some things are done the way that they are done. As young leaders the school helped to give them a perspective from the countries’ leaders and to give them an opportunity to voice how they would do things differently should they be given the opportunity to be in those positions. The Fort Hare Autumn School on Democracy and political Economy wanted to address the question of what social democracy means in the twenty-first century, what are its core values, its goals and how can it be put into practice? The students experienced various approaches to social democracy during the Autumn School. The supper debate on ‘How South Africa’s economy should be transformed” sparked a lot of questions especially on how the economy should be transformed should there be consensus to transform it. It became clear that history has a lot to do with the history of South Africa and the political, social and Economic problems it is now trying to solve and that is why the students were given this opportunity to engage with the various topics in order to trigger an interest in them to engage further or to in later life, involve themselves in leadership positions where they will be afforded the opportunity to solve some of these problems which are still lingering over South Africa 18 years post apartheid.

The project had gender relevance as women are gradually taking on more leadership roles in the government and various departments. Their training starts in small positions such as in leadership roles at school and tertiary level and their attendance at leadership school such as this one is very important. The Autumn School catered for a 50/50 gender attendance.

(Report courtesy of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation)

Organisational Development at Crabbush School

Posted by mles (not verified) on Fri, 10/19/2012 - 11:02

The Hunterstoun Centre has begun an Organisational Development programme with Crabbush School. The first meeting; an introduction, took place on 17th January and a full day workshop was planned for the 25th. This was attended by 18 people; including the 7 teachers plus parents, two learners, SGB and interested community members.

An Action plan was put in place to tackle some of the challenges facing the school. Out of a list of 26 the top three identified included; Language, School Image and Fundraising.

The “Change Team” was formed and this includes: Mrs N Kowa (Crabbush principal and grade 2 & 3), Mrs N Simani (grade 4 & 5), Miss N Nelana (grade 1), Miss Z Vena (grade R), Miss N Fihla (grade R), Mr Magingxa (SGB) and Mz M Swart (Hogsback Country School).

A reading team is being put together  to assist the school and we are asking the community to donate any magazines or books which could be useful reading material for Primary school children. Hogsback Supermarket has agreed to act as a collection point so please drop off anything you would like to donate there.

SAFCOL usually cut the grass on the field and around the school but unfortunately their cutter is out of action at the moment so if there is anyone who can help with grass cutting please let us know.

Pauline Mitchell (Hunterstoun Centre UFH)


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