Ethics and Nonhuman Animals

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Animal Rights at Hunterstoun

Ethics and nonhuman animals is a major research interest at Hunterstoun and one we hope will expand in the future. The first South African academic symposium on ethics and nonhuman animals was held at Hunterstoun in 2010, attracting academics and activists from around the country. Hunterstoun was also involved in the conference at UNISA in November 2011 titled "Animals in law and society ".

One "animal related" paper has alredy been published from Hunterstoun and another is forthcoming.

We plan to facilitate a short course, “Introduction to Critical Animal Studies”, and possibly take it on the road to a number of universities to give academics, activitists and interested people a chance to see some of the aspects of the work and to interact.

It is hoped that Hunterstoun will offer bursaries in Critical Animal Studies in the not too distant future.

Les is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and Hunterstoun is the home of the Africa section of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies.

Pauline and Les have recently edited a book about seeing animals differently titled "Living by voices we shall never hear"



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