Organisational Change

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Facilitators, Pauline Mitchell, Les Mitchell.

Organisational Change

People spend almost a third of their waking life at their jobs but often complain of frustration, lack of job satisfaction, not being heard, depression, not being valued and poor motivation. In turn the organisation – a company, a school, an NGO etc., suffers as it struggles to give the service to those individuals it serves. There can follow a downward spiral of poor service, high stress levels, high staff turnover, absenteeism, and an increasingly unhappy and unfulfilling workplace for everyone.

Don’t we all want to enjoy what we do and feel it is meaningful and that we are doing “a good job”? It can certainly be argued that this is just the situation which actually makes organisations very successful as well as making them attractive to staff.

In our organisational change workshops there are no prescribed magic fixes – people and organisations vary, but we do establish a space for open discussion, critical examination of problems, looking at what is possible and planning to move towards a shared vision. Every workshop is different.  For example, in a particular workshop we may decide to introduce non violent communication or listening skills or take time to examine together the effects of discrimination or power relationships. Another workshop may require something different. The facilitators provide the framework and exercises but what happens and what arises depends upon the people present.  These workshops however, are active, cooperative, open and constructive.

Venues and consolidation

The workshops may be run at the Hunterstoun Centre, in your workplace or at any other venue of your choosing. As change is not simply a decision but needs to be implemented, we prefer to work with organisations over a period of time as they introduce and modify changes which finally become part of their culture.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are flexible and can be structured towards your requirements.  They are suitable for organisations such as;

Businesses and companies,



Unions and management

Government departments

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss what your needs are and what we are able to offer.

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