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Dr. Borden Mushonga

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Full Name: Borden Mushonga

Department of Livestock and Pasture Science
Tel : 040 602 2697
Fax: 086 628 8641
Cell : 071 1405 545

Email: bmushonga@ufh.ac.za

Qualifications : Dr Mushonga is a holder of an MSc in Animal Pathology from University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. He obtained a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) and a bachelor of Science honours degree BSc (Hons) in  Veterinary Anatomy from the University of Zimbabwe.

Current Position: Lecturer

Research Interests:
Anatomical and pathological conditions in animals using abattoir materials, also interested in beef cuts and their identification using measurable quality parameters

Additional Information:
Dr Mushonga is a veterinary surgeon and  has taught veterinary anatomy for nearly 14 years starting at the University of Zimbabwe and then ISAE-Busogo in Rwanda. Dr Mushonga has a wide experience in teaching veterinary pathology and immunology, clinical pathology and veterinary jurisprudence. He has also worked as head of department and deputy dean of ht e faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Umutara  Polytechnic in Rwanda.