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Dr. V. Maphosa

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Senior Lecturer (Animal Science) and Deputy Head of Department 

Full Name:  Viola Maphosa Email:  vmaphosa@ufh.ac.za

Qualifications: PhD in Animal Science, Cert in the Facilitation of Learning, Cert in Assessment and Moderation of student learning (UFH), Masters in Tropical Animal Production (Larenstein, Netherlands) BSc. Agriculture (Management) (Zimbabwe Open University), Cert in Animal Health (Mazowe Veterinary College, Zimbabwe), Diploma in Agriculture (Chibero College, Zimbabwe).



Recipient of the 2008 IPUF Young Scientist second best presenter award

  • Current H-Index 7

Research Interests:

1.     Sheep and goat production                                                                                                                                                                           

2.     Ethnoveterinary medicine

3.     Animal welfare   

4     Climate change and livestock production

Editorial Board Membership

Tropical Animal health and production (published by Elsevier)

South African Journal of Animal Science (sub-editor)

Research Grants and Postgraduate student support

Govan Mbeki Reseach and Foundation Centre (GMRDC) Supervisor-linked bursaries (2012- present)

Govan Mbeki Research and Development Centre (GMRDC) research grants (2012 - present)

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) research and scholarship (2013 - present)

DST-NRF Mozambique/South Africa Cooperation project 2013 to date

DTS-NRF Namibia/South Africa Cooperation project 2014


Teaching and learning:

  • In addition to administrative duties in the department, supervises PhD, MSc and Honours students.
  • Lecture various undergraduate and honours courses in Animal Science, these include: Dairy Science and Technology, Smallstock Science, Beef Production and Wildlife Management, Introduction to Animal Science, Pig and production, and Physiology of Digestion, Rumenology, Energy and Protein metabolism.
  • Coordinate departmental seminars
  • Coordinate tutors in the department


Community Engagement:                 

  • Offers farmer training services
  • Give advisory services to livestock farmers, including development of business plans
  • Provides mentorship to communal and emerging farmers
  • Provides mentorship to DST/NRF interns in the department
  • Reviewer for several journals



Baseline survey for the Zanyokwe paprika project, Commissioned by the DBSA, 2008.

Fieldwork for Evaluation of Red Meat project - Peddie - ComMark, 2009

Evaluation of the Zero Hunger programme in Lubala, Eatsren Cape-DRDAR, 2011.

Evaluation of projects implemented by the Department and Rural Development and Agrarian Reform in Joe Gqabi and Chris Hani Municipality since 2004- DRDAR-2013.



Developed active collaborations with the following organizations:

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Research Institute (ARDRI)

Department of Social Development

Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform

Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique

University of Namibia (UNAM)


                1. Sivuyile Alex Mvinjelwa, Monde Mapekula, Viola Maphosa and Voster Muchenje  2014.Growth performance and fleece weight of woolled sheep in the Sweet and Sourveld communal rangelands of the Eastern Cape Province. Tropical Animal Health and Production.


1.            Maphosa, V; Masika, PJ. 2012.  Anthelmintic screening of fractions of Elephantorrhiza elephantina root extract against Haemonchus contortus. Tropical animal health and production 2012;44 (1):159-163.

2.            Maphosa V and Masika PJ 2012.In vivo validation of Aloe ferox (Mill), Elephantorrhiza elephantina Burch Skeels and Leonotis leonurus. (L) R. BR as potential anthelminthics and antiprotozoals against mixed infections of gastrointestinal nematodes in goats. Parasitology Research . 110(1):103-8.

3.            V. Maphosa; A. A. Adedapo, B. Moyo and P. J. Masika 2012. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of the aqueous extract of Leonotis leonurus leaves in rats. African Journal of Biotechnology. 11(26):6878-6883

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5.            N. Assan, JNL. Sikosana, O. Matika, V. Maphosa, M. Musasira. 2012.Influence of direct and maternal effects on carcass length as a secondary trait in carcass evaluation in indigenous matebele goats of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences . 2. (4):169-175. 23.

6.            Maphosa, V. and Masika, P. J. 2012. Safety evaluation of the leaf aqueous extract of  Aloe ferox Mill extract in rats.  African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11(94), pp. 16099-16105


1.            N. Assan, JLN Sikosana, O. Matika, V Maphosa, S. Nyoni and M Musasira 2011. Evaluation of carcass performance of Matebele goats managed extensively based on the eruption of permanent incisors teeth. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. 17(2): 141-147.    


1.            Viola Maphosa, Patrick Masika, S. Bizimenyera and J Eloff. In-vitro anthelminthic activity of crude aqueous extracts of Aloe ferox, Leonotis leonurus and Elephantorrhiza elephantina against Haemonchus contortus. Trop Anim Health Prod 42(2):301 (2010)

2.            Maphosa V, Masika PJ. Ethnoveterinary uses of medicinal plants: a survey of plants used in the ethnoveterinary control of gastro-intestinal parasites of goats in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Pharm Biol. 2010 Jun;48(6):697-702.

3.            V Maphosa; P J Masika; B Moyo. 2010: Toxicity evaluation of the aqueous extract of the rhizome of Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Burch.) Skeels. (Fabaceae), in rats. Food and chemical toxicology. 48(1):196-201.

4.            N Assan, JLN Sikosana, O Matika, V Maphosa, S Nyoni, M Musasira, 2010. Effects on Carcass Parameters in Indigenous Castrated Goats Managed on Range. Animal Production Research Advances . 6. (3) ISSN: 0794-4721


1.            B Moyo; P J Masika; S Dube; V Maphosa. An in-vivo study of the efficacy and safety of ethno-veterinary remedies used to control cattle ticks by rural farmers in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Tropical animal health and production 2009;41(7):1569-76

2.            Maphosa, V., Sikosana, J.L.N. and Muchenje, V. 2009. Effect of doe milking and supplementation using Dichrostachys cinerea pods on kid and doe performance in grazing goats during the dry season. Tropical Animal Health and Production 41: 535 - 541. (Impact factor 0.95, cited more than twice in Google Scholar).

3.            Maphosa V, P.J. Masika, B Moyo. 2009. I nvestyigation of the anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activities of Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Burch) Skeels root extract in male rats. African Journal of Biotechnology. 8 (24), 7068-7072


1.            V Maphosa; PJ Masika; Aa Adedapo. Safety evaluation of the aqueous extract of Leonotis leonurus shoots in rats. Human & experimental toxicology 2008;27(11):837-43.

2.            Adeolu A. Adedapo, Margaret O. Sofidiya, Viola Maphosa, Busani Moyo, Patrick J. Masika and Anthony J. Afolayan. (2008  Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of the aqueous extract of Cussonia paniculata stem Bark. Rec. Nat. Prod. 2:2 46-53.


1.            Smith,T., Mlambo,V., Sikosana,J.L.N., and Maphosa,V. 2005. Dichrostachys cineria and Acacia nilotica fruits as dry season supplements for goats in semi-arid environments. Animal feed Science Technology. 122. 149-157 


1.            Sikosana, J.L.N. and Maphosa, V. 1995. Growth and carcass characteristics of young indigenous (Matebele) castrate goats grazing Acacia thornveld, and offered supplementary feed during the dry season. Journal of the Zimbabwe Society for Animal Production. 7. 199-202.

Books and book chapter

1.            Maphosa V, Tshisikhawe P, Thembo K and Masika PJ. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Southern Africa: In Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine. Herbal Medicines for Animal Health. Katerere DR and Luseba. D. CRC press, Tylor and Francis group. London. New York ISBN: 978-1-4200456-0-4

Refereed/Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

1.            Sikosana,J.L.N., Maphosa,V., Mlambo,V., Mould,F.L., Smith,T., Owen,E., MMueller-Harvey,I. and De Waal,H.O. 2004. Liveweight gains and carcas characteristics of indigenous Matebele goats fed browse fruits Proceedings of a workshop on enhancing the contribution of small livestock to the livelihoods of resource- poor communities. Hotel Brovad, Masaka, Uganda. Natural Resources International Ltd, Aylesfor

2.            Sikosana,J.L.N., Smith,T., Mlambo,V., Owen,E., Mueller-Harvey,I., and Maphosa,V. 2003. Supplementation of on-farm goats using resources available in South-West Zimbabwe. Proceedings of Third Link project Workshop., Embu, Kenya. 3-7 February.

3.            Sikosana,J.L.N., Maphosa, V., Smith,T., Owen, E. and Mueller-Harvey, I.2002. Use of browse tree pods as dry season supplement for goats in the South western region of Zimbabwe. Presentation at the International Conference on Responding to Global Demand for Animal Products: E, Merida, Mexico. 12-15 Nov.

Annual reports:

1.            Matika O and Maphosa V. 1992. Assessment of kid mortality in goats under a semi-extensive system. Matopos Research Station., Zimbabwe. Annual report 1991-1992.

Papers presented in conferences

1.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika. 2007. Medicinal plants used for the treatment of gastro -intestinal parasites by farmers in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Indigenous Plant Use Forum (IPUF) 1613

2.            17University of Johannesburg - Auckland Park S.A. 2 -5 July

3.            Maphosa V and Masika PJ. 2007. Toxicity Evaluation of aqueous extract of Leonotis leonurus in rats. The S A Pharmacology and Toxicology Congress (Pharma. Tox) Buffelspoort Holiday Resort, Marikana. Northwest Province S.A. 2-5 Oct     

4.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika 2008.In-vivo validation of Aloe ferox, Elephantorriza elephantina and Leonotis leonurus as potential anthelmintics in goats.  Indigenous Plant Use Forum (IPUF) Graaff-reinet. S.A 7-10 July

5.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika 2008. Ethnoveterinary Medicine - An alternative to managing gastro-   intestinal parasites in goats. 10th World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP) Cape Town. S.A. 23 - 28 Nov 2008

6.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika 2009. Invitro anthelmintic activity of crude aqueous extracts of Aloe ferox, Leonotis leonurus and Elephantorrhiza elephantine against Haemonchus contortus. Indigenous Plant Use Forum (IPUF). ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij, Stellenbosch. 6-9 July 2009

7.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika 2009. Medicinal plants used in the control and treatment of gastrointestinal parasites effects: A truth or fallacy? South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) Conference. Alpine Heath Conference Village. Kwazulu Natal. 28 to 30 July 2009

8.            Maphosa V and PJ Masika 2011. In-vivo validation of Elephantorrhiza elephantine as a potential anthelmintic against gastro-intestinal parasites mixed infections in goats. Indigenous plant use Forum (IPUF). Ezemvelo Auditorium. St Lucia KZN 4-7 July 2011

9.            V Maphosa, B Muchara,PJ Masika and C.Tichagwa, 2012. Effects of climate change and adaptation strategies: Perceptions of small-scale farmers in Njwaxa and Saki villages, Eastern Cape Province.(SASAS) International Conference Centre, East London. 9-12 July 2012

10.          Nkohla B, Maphosa V, 2012. Masika PJ and Muchenje V. In-vivo validation of Elephantorrhiza elephantina as an anthelmintic on bodyweight and packed cell volume (PCV) in goats. Senate chambers hall, University of Venda, 2-5 July 2012