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Honours Students

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Full Name:  Yonela Maziko
Email: 201001808@ufh.ac.zaDegree Programme: BSc Agriculture Pasture Science (Honours)Thesis Title: The impact of soil degradation on vegetation cover and productivity of  Kwezana communal rangelands in the Eastern Cape.
Supervisor: Dr Solomon Beyene

Full Name:Ngqwebo, Thembalihle
Email: 200906912@ufh.ac.za
Degree programme: BSc Agriculture (Hons) Animal Science (72004)
Thesis/Research title:  Effect of ad libitum and feed restriction on growth performance, digestibility and meat quality characteristics in broilers.
Supervisor:  Prof. V. Muchenje

Full Name: Sokanyile, Sanda
Email:200900830@ufh.ac.za or ssokanyile@gmail.com
Degree Programme:B.Sc.Agric (honours) in Animal Science
Thesis Title: Carcass characteristics and internal organ weight of broiler chickens fed Moringa oleifera Supervisor: Prof V.Muchenje

Full Name: Huza, Siphamandla
Email: 200906278@ufh.ac.za
Degree Programme: BSc Agriculture (Honours) Pasture Science
Thesis Title: Assessment of range condition in Tukulu farm, South Africa.
Supervisor: Dr K. Mopipi

Full Name: Velele, Siphelo
Email: 201005243@ufh.ac.zaDegree Programme: BSc Agriculture (Hons) Animal Production Science
Thesis Title: The effect of nutritional and phytochemical properties of Moringa oleifera on immune system of broiler chicken.
Supervisor:  Prof. V. Muchenje and Dr T. Nkukwana


Full Name: Dastile, Lumka Shanell
Email: 200907112@ufh.ac.za
Degree Programme: BSc in Agriculture (Animal Science Honours)
Thesis title:  Consumer perception on meat quality of pork in Nkonkobe Municipality of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Supervisor: Prof. V. Muchenje

Full Name:Avela Mxunyelwa
Degree Programme:B.Sc.Agric (honours) in Animal Science
Thesis Title: The inclusion of moringa oliefera leaf meal on layer performance,egg quality and sensory evaluation of eggs from laying hens.
Supervisor:Dr B. Mushonga
Co-supervisor:Prof J.F.Mupangwa

Full Name: Zinyani, Asanda
Email: 201012994@ufh.ac.za
Degree Programme: Bsc Agric (Honours) Pasture Science
Thesis Title: The effect of seed priming on the emergence and the growth performance of Moringa oleifera (LAM).
Supervisor: Prof. J.F. Mupangwa

Full Name: Valashiya, Christopher Vusumzi
E-MAIL: 200900293@ufh.ac.za
Degree Programme: Bsc Agric (Hons) Pasture Science
Thesis title: Evaluating the long term effects of soil degradation on soil seed bank, composition and species diversity in semi arid, South African savanna rangelands
Supervisor: Prof S. Beyene