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We hope our website helps you get to know us better. Look around and  see what we have to offer.   We value your feedback, so drop us an email if you want to discuss something with us or give advice on our website

Our Vision

We aim to achieve excellence through high quality education and research relevant to local, regional and national needs, and through cooperation with leading researchers and educators both in South Africa and internationally.

 Our Mission

To train students in Botanical Sciences, to adequately equip them to apply themselves meaningfully in any activity requiring botanical expertise.

Undergraduate level training aims to provide a wide-spectrum comprehension of the anatomy, physiology, systematics, ecology and ethnobotanical aspects of plants.

At postgraduate level, our objectives are concerned with maintaining a high level of scientific excellence in botanical research with specific emphasis on ethnobotanical aspects as well as ethnomedicine.

 Why Study Botany ? 


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Dr  B. Mayekiso- Head of Department

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Dr Buyesile Mayekiso 

Head of Department

Phone: 040 602 2324
040 602 2324

University of Fort Hare

Private Bag X1314

ALICE,  5700

SOUTH AFRICA.Free via Skype