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The Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) is an established academic unit in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture. The Unit was established to provide support and services to the Faculty of Science and Agriculture in basic and applied research programmes and to other science based institutes of the UFH including private and government agencies in the Eastern Cape in particular and the entire South Africa in general. CAL offers services such as the analysis of essential oils using GC-MS, examination of biological and physical specimens using Scanning Electron Microscope, extraction of plant materials using Microwave Extractor, etc. The Unit is being developed to offer analytical services for a wide range of materials in such areas as petroleum, energy, food, agriculture, environment, biology, metallurgy, geology, industry and engineering. As an academic research facility, the CAL will provide technical services and educational opportunities in the context of UFH environment.


Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL)
Contact Us

Prof A. J.  Afolayan
Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL)
Botany Department - 3rd Floor

University of Fort Hare

South Africa


E-mail:  aafolayan@ufh.ac.za

Ph:  +27 (0)40 602-2323,
Mobile:  +27 (0)82-202-2167