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Dr B. Mayekiso - Head of Botany Department

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 PhD (UFH)

 Senior Lecturer and HOD


As a lecturer, Dr Mayekiso offers courses at undergraduate and at post-graduate levels. These include: plant anatomy and morphology, plant physiology and ecology for agriculture students in biology. In the area of research he is involved in the plant production utilization project which is supervised by Prof. M.L Magwa. This identifies, extracts, and analyzes plant products such as essential oils. Dr Mayekiso has attended national and international conferences where he has presented many papers.



            Botany Department - 1st Floor

            University of Fort Hare

            Private Bag  X1314

            Alice, South Africa



            e-mail:  bmayekiso@ufh.ac.za  

            Ph/Fax:  +27 (0)40 602-2324     Mobile:  082-202-2215