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A Master of Science degree in Ethnobotany can be obtained by means of an approved dissertation (BOT 710, 256 credits) in consultation with the Botany Programme Coordinator:


BOT 710:         Ethnobotany MSc by Thesis


Purpose:            Students will be required to plan, execute, and write-up a Master's thesis dealing with a topic of interest, selected with the assistance of their supervisor.

Contents:            The student will select a project topic in conjunction with a supervisor.

Instruction:          Teaching of research skills through supervision of research project

Credit value:       256

Assessment:       Learner will be assessed (both internally and by two external examiners) on the basis of their submitted thesis. The thesis must make a contribution to the scientific knowledge and insight of a selected subject; as well afford evidence of individual and original scientific thought.

Prerequisite:     An Honours qualification in Botany or in a relevant Biological, Agricultural, or Horticultural discipline, subject to the approval of the Botany Programme Coordinator.