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Present Team members:

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Prof AJ Afolayan: Leader of the Centre. He supervises the overall activities of the Centre, including the postgraduate students and also sources for funding.


Prof Maroyi

Prof Alfred Maroyi: Co Leader of the Centre


Dr O Wintola:  Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on plants used to treat constipation.


 Dr GA Otunola:  Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on the pharmacological evaluation of dietary spices on human metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia and heart disease)




Dr Monday Idamokoro: Postdoctoral fellow

Evaluations of potential (efficacy and toxicological) medicinal plants used for the treatment of various livestock diseases in the Central Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Thanks.


Ms V Mgobozi:  PhD student (Botany).

Working on the nutritional value of mushrooms and their efficacy in food security in the Eastern CApe Province, South Africa.




Mrs Tomi L Olatunji: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Capsaicin and DNA profiling of Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum frutescens L.




Mr Muhali O Jimoh: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Effect of soil types on phenotypic, phytochemical constituents and nutritional properties of Amaranthus caudatus L.: a wild vegetatble growing in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.


 Funmi  Mrs Ouwafunmilayo D Adegbaju: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Nutritional and pharmacological evaluation of Celosia argentea L.: A wild vegetable cultivated in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa




Mr Oladayo Amed Idris: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on the Pharmacological evaluation of Rumex crispus Thunb. used in the treatment of gastrointestinal helminths in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa



Mrs Serifat Olatundun Salami: PhD student (Ethnobotany)

Working on the studies on cultivation, nutritional composition and pharmacological properties of Hibiscus sabdariffa L.: A wild plant in South Africa.




Mr Barnabas Oyeyinka: PhD Student (Botany)

Studies on Bryophytes as Indicators and Monitoring Agents of Pollution in Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality of the Eastern Cape, South Africa



Mr Luambo Ramarumo: PhD Student (Botany)

Threatened plant species in Vhembe Biosphere Reserve,  Limpopo Province,  South Africa: Problems and prospects of conservation and utilization




Mr Ehiobu John: PhD Student (Botany)

Efficacy of Plant Extracts as an Alternative to Synthetic Fungicides in Management of Rot and Scab Diseases of Potato at Post Harvest


Miss Taiwo O Abifarin: PhD student (Botany)

Evaluation of the invitro antidiabetic potentials of heteromorpha aborescens (spreng.) cham leaves using cell-line and enzyme based assays.



Miss Sandisiwe Maposa: PhD Student (Botany)

Nutritional, pharmacology and anti-cancer properties of moringa oleifera flowers and seeds grown in South Africa.



Mr Adebowale E AladejanaPhD Student (Biochemistry)

Working on evaluation of Helichrysum nudifolium L. in the treatment of diabetes mellitus in Eastern Cape, South Africa.



Miss Sharon LunguPhD Student (Animal & Livestock)

Working on Moringa oleifera antioxidant activity on precooked pork warmed over flavour development and sensory profiles.