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Present Team members:

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Prof AJ Afolayan: Leader of the Centre. He supervises the overall activities of the Centre, including the postgraduate students and also sources for funding.


Prof Maroyi

Prof Alfred Maroyi: Co Leader of the Centre


Dr O Wintola:  Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on plants used to treat constipation.


 Dr GA Otunola:  Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on the pharmacological evaluation of dietary spices on human metabolic syndrome (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia and heart disease)


Dr E Ajayi: Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on pH variation of extraction media on the chemical compositions of selected medicinal plants.


Dr S O Odeyemi:  Postdoctoral fellow.

Working on the evaluation of the antidiabetic and anti-obesity properties of the aqueous extract of Elaeodendron croceum stem bark in streptozotocin induced diabetic and genetically modified rat models



Dr Oluwagbenga O Adeogun: Postdoctoral fellow

Working on shelf life enhancement of fresh fruits and vegetables applying essential oils compounds from South African plants.




Dr Monday Idamokoro: Postdoctoral fellow

Evaluations of potential (efficacy and toxicological) medicinal plants used for the treatment of various livestock diseases in the Central Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Thanks.


Ms M Mangoale:  PhD student (Botany).

Working on Alepidea amatymbica, a medicinal plant used in the treatment of hypertension in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.


Ms V Mgobozi:  PhD student (Botany).

Working on the nutritional value of mushrooms and their efficacy in food security in the Eastern CApe Province, South Africa.


Ms B Famewo: PhD student (Microbiology).

Working on the evaluation and identification of microbial contaminations in some herbal medicines used in the treatment of Tuberculosis in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.



Mrs A F Ogundola: PhD student (Botany).

Working on the impact of soil types on growth, phytochemical constituents and pharmacological properties of Solanum nigrum L., a wild vegetable growing in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.



Mr. J Unuofin: PhD student (Ethnobotany).

Working on the pharmacological investigations of Kedrostis africana (L) Cogn. and Vernonia mespilifolia Less used for the management of obesity in Eastern Cape, South Africa.



Mr FU Ohikhena: PhD student (Ethnobotany).

Working on the pharmacological evaluation of Phragmanthera capitata (Spreng.) Balle, a parasitic mistletoe of rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) Muell. Arg.




Ms Tomi L Olatunji: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Capsaicin and DNA profiling of Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum frutescens L.




Mr Muhali O Jimoh: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Effect of soil types on phenotypic, phytochemical constituents and nutritional properties of Amaranthus caudatus L.: a wild vegetatble growing in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.


 Funmi  Mrs Ouwafunmilayo D Adegbaju: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on Nutritional and pharmacological evaluation of Celosia argentea L.: A wild vegetable cultivated in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa




Mr Oladayo Amed Idris: PhD Student (Botany)

Working on the Pharmacological evaluation of Rumex crispus Thunb. used in the treatment of gastrointestinal helminths in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa



Mrs Serifat Olatundun Salami: PhD student (Ethnobotany)

Working on the studies on cultivation, nutritional composition and pharmacological properties of Hibiscus sabdariffa L.: A wild plant in South Africa.




Mr Barnabas Oyeyinka: PhD Student (Botany)

Studies on Bryophytes as Indicators and Monitoring Agents of Pollution in Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality of the Eastern Cape, South Africa



Mr Luambo Ramarumo: PhD Student (Botany)

Threatened plant species in Vhembe Biosphere Reserve,  Limpopo Province,  South Africa: Problems and prospects of conservation and utilization



Ms Yanga N Mhlomi: MSc Student (Botany).

Working on evaluation of bioavalaibility of nutrients in a diet enriched with Moringa oleifera leaves using a rat model.



Ms Zomsa Yako: MSc student (Botany).

Working on evaluation of the nutritional, anti-nutritional and safety profile of Moringa oleifera leaves from the South African ecotype.



Dr Ogochukwu O Izuegbuna: MSc student (Biochemistry)

Working on in-vitro evaluation of the anti-cancer properties of two Brassica oleracea varieties on acute leukemia cell lines


Ms Taiwo O Abifarin: MSc student (Botany)

Nutritional and Pharmacological Evaluation of Cucumis africanus L.F.: A Wild Plant in South Africa



Miss Sandisiwe Maposa: MSc Student (Botany)

Phytochemical constituents and medicinal potential of Vachellia karoo (Hayne) Banfi& Glasso