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Why study Botany pic of Aloe


The increasing human populations, modern technology, and industrial and agricultural practices are causing many environmental problems that are likely to become worse with time. Ultimately, man is dependent on plants for fresh air, food, fibre, medicine, building materials and aesthetic environments. Botanists can help the world to use plants in a sustainable manner and to address many of these environmental problems.


What opportunities are there for a graduate of Botany?

Careers in Botany vary. Many Botanists operate in pleasant environments, such as working in laboratories, going out on field expeditions etc. Many botanists get  the opportunity to further their studies in a particular field of Botany and obtain  Masters or Doctorate degrees. It is furthermore possible to become part of a worldwide network of botanists and contribute towards a better quality of life.

 Will you get a job?

A degree in Botany will widen your career opportunities. With experience, new ideas and entrepreneurship, you can manage your own botanical consultancy or enter into many other fields in the scientific and business world. Job opportunities include: Environmental Managers, Park Rangers, Environmental Consultants, Environmental officers, Biotechnologists, Marine Botanists, Plant Anatomist, Ethnobotanists, Conservation Biologist, Ecotourism Entrepreneur, Grassland Scientist, Horticulturist, Taxonomist, and many more.


Contact Information

Dr Buyesile Mayekiso - Head of Department:  Ph/Fax: 040 602 2324

Botany Dept. University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X1314, ALICE,  5700.