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Mr. CJ Gunter

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Mr. CJ Gunter MSc (UOVS)

Senior Lecturer

Tel: 040 602 2510

Email: cgunter@ufh.ac.za

Mr. Gunter began his career as Exploration Geologist for Tsumeb Corporation in Namibia in 1970, having completed his Masters on the structural deformation and metamorphic history of part of the Damara Supergroup of Namibia.  Mr Gunter assumed duty as Lecturer at The University of Fort Hare in 1972.  In 1977, he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and appointed head of department in 1979.  In 1996, he stepped down as HOD.  Mr Gunter has lectured almost all undergraduate courses over the years, designed most of the Honours courses before 2000 and has supervised Masters degree projects. He participated in the national mapping project of the Council for Geoscience and produced geological maps of areas in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu  Natal.  Mr Gunter also mapped and investigated the stratigraphy and sedimentology of part of teh Beaufort Group between longitudes 25 and 27 degrees and studied sedimentary petrography of the Beaufort Group for purposes of reconstruction of its provenance.  Mr. Gunter's main research interests include the sedimentary petrography of the Beaufort Group.