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Ndlazi, NZ (20120697)
Topic of Dissertation/Thesis: Petrology, Mineralogy, geochemistry of the Katberg
Formation around Graff Reinet, Katberg, and East London, Eastern, Cape Province, South Africa
Gabayi, Z (201206400)
Modern and Cretaceous sediments in Plettenberg Bay: Grain size, mineral compositions and depositional environment change. Eastern Cape

Sentwa, A (201203007)
Investigation of hornfels and associated zeolites occurrences for aggregate quarrying, Eastern Cape Province,
Ntunja, A (201304511)
Investigation of the geology in the Karoo using time-domain, magnetic, and electrical resistivity techniques at Beaufort West, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Mpofu, M (201309907)
Geological investigation of groundwater resources in the area of Port Alfred, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Mudowaya, NR (201302366)
The geochemistry and mineralogy of regolith associated with silcretes and kaolinites around the Grahamstown area: Implication for weathering and chemical leaching.

Xanga, S (200604426)
Geological exploration of water reservoirs using boreholes and geophysical techniques in Raymond Mhlaba, Eastern Cape, Province, South Africa
Ntongana, K (201102368)
The sedimentological study of the Triassic Upper Beaufort Group of the Beaufort Group and petrological study of the Jurassic doIerite intrusions in the area of Cathcart, Eastern Cape
Province, South Africa

Otunola, BO (201112610)
Study of sedimentary facies and depositional environment of the Cretaceous Rooberg in Plettenberg areas, Western Cape Province, South Africa

Khalimashe, S (201202283)
Interpretation of airborne gamma spectrometry data at the shale gas test site, Beaufort West, South Africa

Nemanashi, T (201202721)
Sedimentology and shale gas potential in the Ecca Group, Karoo Supergroup Eastern Cape Province, South Africa ,
Takalimane, PC (201207225) hydrogeological and geochemical investigations of the Daggaboersnek and Barberskrans Members of the Balfour Formation in Alice, Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Mokoele, SP (201400590)
Geological and geophysical investigations of reservoir rock properties of the Gamtoos, Basin in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Caku, N (201415072)
Basin analysis and use of seismic stratigraphy modelling in identifying and quantifying hydro-carbon prospects in the Algoa Basin, Eastern Cape
Mazomba, V (200202243)
Geochemical and sedimentological Investigations of river sediments along the Thyume River, Alice area, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa