Careers from studying Human Movement Science

  • Professional coaches
  • Strength and conditioning coaches
  • Sport development officer
  • Gymnasium instructor
  • School sport coach
  • Physical trainer
  • Sport development officer
  • Sport manager
Current research projects

Current research projects

  • RSDI (Rural Sport Development Initiative) - The impact of a LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) and Gross Motor Skill Development (GMSD) programs on social- and sport development in rural areas. Dr Maya van Gent
  • Psychological strategies of coaching in competitive sports. Dr. Lyoka

Welcome to the Department of Human Movement Sciences


What is Human Movement Science?

Human Movement Science (HMS) is the scientific study of the human body in movement, whether it is through recreational-, sport- or physical activity.  The World Health Organisation (2006) outlined the importance of physical activity to reduce risk factors, raise awareness and common understanding in society on the benefits of physical activity and healthy diet, and most importantly to strengthen the human resources needed in this domain.  Sport, recreational- and physical activity are increasingly important elements of development programs around the world, contributing to the well being, health and education, leadership development and ethical conduct among children, young people and communities. The United Nations (2008) has recognized sport and recreational activity as a fundamental right and sport and physical activity is also recognized as an effective means to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) (UN, 2008). 

The HMS curriculum includes subjects such as human physiology and -anatomy, motor leaning and - development, biomechanics, sport management, exercise physiology and -science. Graduates with a HMS degree will be able to address national and international challenges ranging from applying scientific principles for improving sport performance to physical and recreational activity for general health benefits.

Vision and mission


To be a department that strives towards innovative teaching and excellence in research, that is relevant to the local and international community.


The mission of the Human Movement Science (HMS) Department is to provide high quality education that meets the national and international standards which will contribute towards the advancement of knowledge in sport science that can be applied to the development of the individual, community, national and international society.

Underlying this mission:

  • To create an enabling environment that unlocks the potential of HMS students through physical activity and applying this to everyday life
  • To create an environment where staff can reach their full academic potential and grow as educators using innovative teaching techniques
  • To contribute to the health and well being of our university, the community and nation as a whole.
  • To contribute in creative and relevant research of national and international standards, that will focus on relevant needs of for the promotion of health wellbeing and competitive sport environment.
  • To stay in close collaborations with provincial and national sporting bodies so as to assist them with highly skilled coaches, physical educators and sport scientists.