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The University's Employment Policies and Practice

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Overview of the University employment policies
The University of Fort Hare's employment policy is aimed at attracting and retaining people with the requisite competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviour) and attitude. Recruitment also involves marketing the University's careers in order to attract sufficient numbers of potential employees for selection. In addition, recruitment actions serve to ensure that a continuous supply of high quality human capital is available to meet the University's immediate and future human capital needs. Recruitment is also attuned to establish a positive image of the University of Fort Hare as an employer in the labour market.

Fair and equitable recruitment
Recruitment at the University of Fort Hare is undertaken in terms of the University's value system. This includes among others, that, candidates are employed purely on the basis of job-related requirements; personal attributes, competencies and abilities, and that individuals are given equal opportunities to be recruited. While local communities will be preferred, this should not be misconstrued to mean that other communities are excluded. Equality strategies and targets will be taken into account when recruiting.

Recruitment sources
Recruitment activities are dependent on the University's human resource requirements as identified in the University's strategy;

The choice of the media for recruitment purposes shall comply with the requirements of the relevant legislative and strategic imperatives;

Internal and local sources of recruitment will receive priority to curb costs and to serve as motivation for the University's employees and the local communities;

External recruitment, including the use of this website will be undertaken (where necessary) by means of advertisements;

As a cost consideration, use of employment agencies and head hunting may be undertaken once all other avenues have been exhausted; and

Career exhibitions and visits to schools, universities, etc. can also be used as a source, depending on the University's human resource needs and the target group.