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The Human Resources Operating Model

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In order for the Human Resources Department to be able to fulfill its purpose and mission an infrastructure of tools and services shall be established which will facilitate the delivery of support to their customers and the University of Fort Hare HR value proposition. The infrastructure consists of six (6) principal areas. Each area is defined in terms of a stated objective and specified key deliverables which are designed to state the purpose and the defined outcomes. Following is the illustration of the University of Fort Hare Human Resource Model:

The University of Fort Hare Human Resources Operating Principles
To support the university's IOP, the Human Resources function will determine and maintain a set of operating principles which determine the strategic and operational management direction/framework within which the human resources department shall pursue the university's stated goals.

The primary requisite shall be that these principles support the university's strategy. The following shall constitute the key focus areas:

Policies and Practice
A driver to the achievement of the Vision is to establish a common framework of policies and practice for use throughout the university. The Human Resources Department takes custody of these policies and practices.

It is accepted that all policies approved by the Council are mandatory and therefore have to be adhered to by all employees of the University of Fort Hare.

The implication of this is that, all employees must be adequately educated and trained in the policies and the application thereof.

Human Resource Philosophy
The Human Resource Strategy and critical success factors will be set centrally and will ensure that standards are maintained. A consistent approach will be adopted and cognisance will be taken of the latest practices, tools and technologies.

For the University of Fort Hare to be successful, it is important that the best people are attracted and retained. In this regard, Human Resources will take a proactive role not only within the university but also in the broader marketplace.

Institutional Processes
While use will be made of the existing ITS to derive maximum benefits for the University of Fort hare, it is the intention of the Human Resources Department to keep all human resources processes simple but efficient.

Care shall be taken for such simplicity not to lead to compromise in the application of institutional controls to minimise risk. The major task of the Human Resources Department will, in view of the foregoing, be to provide accurate information to the operations, timeously and react swiftly and professionally to issues raised.

In such a scenario, the practice will be developed on a process basis rather than purely on a functional one. This is in order to ensure that the customer's requirements are fully covered.

Customer relationships
Consequent to the above, it must be stated that service levels will be negotiated and agreed with Heads of Departments and Faculties. A monitoring mechanism will be in place to track actual performance against the key performance measures identified in the various service level agreements.

Personnel records
There will be one central database safely located within the Human Resources Department for all personnel records.

It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to ensure that the University of Fort Hare has at all time, acceptable numbers of employees with the requisite competencies in the employ of the university.