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Our Commitment and Pledge

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The Human Resources Department commits itself to the adoption of best practice in the execution of its responsibilities. Underpinning this practice shall be a systematic and structured approach to the planning and management of the Human Resources function. A single strategy shall thus be followed which identifies how the Human Resources Department plans to approach its commitments, its operating style, the underpinning business principles, the functional tools and the identified focus areas for the development and improvement of the Human Resource capacity in support of a better delivery to the greater University of Fort Hare.

University of Fort Hare human resources operating philosophy
The effectiveness of the human resources function of the University of Fort Hare shall henceforth be defined in terms of its ability to develop and implement appropriate human resources systems and processes, influence the adoption and execution of these systems, processes and practices to ensure that the following key deliverables are achieved:

  • Shared corporate mindset/culture;
  • Talent that meets the needs of the University of Fort Hare's Vision

This talent is defined as existing within the individual employee and in the organisation. Specific strategies will be developed in order to meet the needs identified in an analysis of the changing face of the university and the assessment of what talent exists within the university at any point:

  • Individual Talent entails technical as well as emotional competencies that employees need to possess to discharge their duties;
  • Organisational Talent entails the core competencies and capabilities needed at organisational level, to achieve the university's strategic goals; and
  • Leadership Brand that drives the University of Fort Hare forward. The determination of the leadership brand concept steps shall begin with attention being given to strategy, a clear definition of Key Results Areas, promptness and continuous improvement of the mean time to respond (MTTR) to customer needs and queries.

  Alignment with the University of Fort Hare's Strategy
In order to ensure that the focus of human resources practice is effective and efficient in meeting the demands of the University's core business, the Human Resources Department shall:

  • Engage in a strategic planning review activity on an annual basis. In the process of undertaking this review, attention will be given to the establishment of an accurate analysis of the :
  • Institutional strategy and the IOP;
  • The prevailing environmental factors;
  • Organisational climate;
  • The current status of human resources service delivery;
  • National and Global Human Resources trends;
  • Current projects' needs; and
  • Benchmarking of processes, practices and trends.
  • The Human Resources department commits itself to the attainment of a high level of excellence;
  • In addition, the current Human Resources, Functional Focus Areas will be reviewed and evaluated for relevance, effectiveness and efficiency;
  • All planning exercises will culminate in the setting of clear, quantifiable, time-limited and attainable goals with the unambiguous assignment of responsibility to the relevant employees for development into specific Implementation Action Plans;
  • All HR departmental objectives that are set will be approved by Council as part of the broader Institutional Strategy and will constitute the basis for the development of operational plans and the working out of individual contributions;
  • Human Resources Planning will be integrated with the Operating Plan of the University; and
  • At regular intervals throughout the planning, progress reviews will be undertaken to ensure alignment and satisfaction of customer needs.